Jasmine Engineering Proudly Announces Services Provided to Harlandale Independent School District

Harlandale High School's New Field HouseSan Antonio, TX – September 10, 2014

Jasmine Engineering (JE) proudly announces that Harlandale Independent School District (HISD), compared to other school districts throughout Texas, has paid less for services, and benefited from JE creating savings that are more than their fees. All HISD projects managed by JE have been successfully completed within one-and-a-half years for both design and construction.

JE’s fee for Bond 2006 was 4% for projects valued at $50.6 Million. JE’s fee for Bond 2009 was 6%. This bond program was originally $12 million and was later increased by adding $4 million from the savings created by Jasmine Engineering on Bond 2006. The fees HISD has paid JE for the services they have provided have been significantly lower than industry standard fees for the same services. The services JE provided on Bond Programs 2006 and 2009, along with other subsequent projects, are well within the range of professional fees typically paid by public school districts within Texas.

The centerpiece projects of Bond 2009 were the new Band Halls and Field Houses at McCollum High School and Harlandale High School. All four of these projects are totally new construction rather than renovations. They were completed in only nine months, and designed and constructed according to CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) standards.

For the Harlandale Independent School District, Jasmine Engineering has provided services under a single percentage fee which is substantially lower than current industry rates. JE charges HISD only 6 percent for services that normally would add up to a fee of 10 percent or more. These services were provided with the following approaches:

  • Programming
  • Program Management / Project Management / Construction Management
  • Commissioning

On the new Early College High School, the new Health Science Technology Classrooms at McCollum and Harlandale High Schools, and the McCollum High School AutoTech project, which total $17 million, JE’s fee is 6% of the actual project costs.  The delivery method for these projects is Design/Build, which has a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) from the contractor who must give “open book” access to accounting records that substantiate actual construction cost.  The GMP for these projects came in at $1 million under budget.  The Early College High School is the first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) high school and the Health Science Technology projects at both high schools are also STEM facilities.

For the HISD facility assessments at two elementary school campuses, which involved full reports on three separate options for each campus equaling six separate reports, JE’s fee was approximately 19 cents per square foot. Industry standard fees for facility assessment services range from 8 cents to $1.50 per square foot.

This is our responsive approach for all our clients. The success of Jasmine Engineering’s services lies in our detailed Programming, accurate Cost Estimating, and extensive background in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. We always save more for our clients than the fee we are paid.

JE is committed the entire lifespan of these projects currently underway within the Harlandale Independent School District, and the role that all of these facilities play in shaping our local community. We look forward to finishing these essential learning environments here in South Texas.