Commercial & Corporate

KCI Global Headquarters, San Antonio, TX

Kinetic Concepts (KCI) Global Headquarters

Construction Cost:  $22.74 million
Size: 219,438 GSF
Services: LEED Enhanced Commissioning

This is the new corporate headquarters for Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), an international company based in San Antonio. This project is pursuing LEED Certification through the U.S. green Building Council. The building is a mid-rise office facility, with corporate office spaces, administrative offices, parking structures, and associated support services. This project won the San Antonio Business Journal’s 2012 Best in Commercial Real Estate award for “Best Office Development.” 

Jasmine Engineering provided LEED Enhanced Commissioning for HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Lighting & Daylighting Controls, and Domestic Hot Water Systems.

Pier 21 Renovation, Galveston, TX

Pier 21 - Galveston

Services: MEP Systems Commissioning

Jasmine Engineering has been involved in various projects for component attractions at Galveston’s Pier 21, the site of an early steamship terminal adjacent to the Strand Historic District. Pier 21 is home to the unique Harbour House Hotel and the Pier 21 Theatre, as well as other attractive dining, shopping, museum and tourist facilities. Specific projects included Mallory’s Restaurant, the Harbour House Café and the Pier 21 Theater with its film documentary “The Great Storm.”

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