Multi-Unit Facilities

Devonshire Condominiums, San Antonio, TX

Devonshire Condominiums

Size: 11 Residential Buildings containing a total of 176 units
Services: Building Envelope Commissioning

Jasmine Engineering is providing Building Envelope Commissioning Services related to assessment and investigation of existing roofing problems resulting from roofing installed errors.  Services include on-site assessment of existing conditions, assessment reports and presentation to Owners’ Association. Review of recommended repair procedures was done after corrective measures had been identified and specified by new contractor.  Jasmine Engineering is providing Construction Phase on-site observation and expert witness services in support of legal action against previous errors and omissions during installation.


Granada Homes High Rise, San Antonio, TX

Granada Homes

Construction Cost: $28 million – Total All Phases of Renovation
Size:  210,000 GSF
Services: Project Management, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Commissioning
Project Savings Realized: $2.6 million

Jasmine Engineering has provided Owner’s Representative, Project Management and Commissioning Services for this owner at this facility over the past twenty years for various renovation phases of this high rise historic structure built in 1927. The Owner and operator of the facility, which is lower income housing for the elderly located in Downtown San Antonio, is a non-profit organization, and the funds for projects at the facility were supported by various Federal grants. The renovation work has included retrofit of Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP) System, and related architectural improvements. Individual projects have ranged in cost from $200,000 to several million over the twenty year period. Special systems include HVAC Central Chilled Water/Hot Water, Four Pipe Fan & Coil, Electrical Upgrade of Main Electrical Service Switchgear and Main Electrical Service Feeders, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Plumbing, Security System, Data and Telecommunications. All phases of this project were completed on time and under budget.


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