MEP Commissioning

Jasmine has provided Commissioning services for decades, working with both commercial and government entities to produce efficient, productive, and healthy buildings and facilities both on time, and within budget.

All of our Commissioning Teams are headed by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Services performed include:

  • Ensuring that all the project documentation reflects the Owner’s intentions during design phase.
  • Collaborating with the designer to incorporate commissioning requirements into the design drawings, construction plans and specifications.
  • Inspection, Monitoring and Commissioning throughout construction progress. We remain on-site during the most critical activities to ensure that all aspects of a project are done according to the design specifications and the Owner’s design intent.
  • Conducting rigorous operational and performance tests with the contractors when the project is near completion.
  • Training building operators how to properly operate and maintain the building at the end of the commissioning process.
  • Assisting the owner during the critical first year of building occupancy through warranty phase services.

Commissioning fees associated with a new building, or retro-commissioning an existing facility are offset by reduced energy costs, improved occupant comfort and productivity, and reduced “rework” costs.

The savings we create for our clients through our services during pre-construction, construction and post-construction are always significantly greater than our fees. In addition to these savings, our owners also benefit from lower utility, operations and maintenance costs.