Total Building Commissioning

Total Building Commissioning ensures that the performance of the facility and all its systems meet the near and long-term functional and operational needs of the owner and occupants.

The environment inside a building is dependent on how the skin of the building interacts with the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electrical, and other technologies. Drafts, air infiltration, and water intrusion are all increased when the relationship between the systems of the building are out of balance with the building itself. These problems make it uncomfortable and create ongoing maintenance and structural concerns.

Jasmine’s Total Building Commissioning Process organizes the various elements of the building and systematically brings the project together. The results? Healthy, comfortable, durable buildings with satisfied owner’s and occupants.

Systems Commissioned:

    • Building Envelope (Roof, doors, windows, walls, foundation and waterproofing)
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
    • Civil
    • Structural Systems
    • Special Systems (Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, PA, Elevators, Laboratory, Security, Compressed Air and Life Safety)

 Learn more about the commissioning process here.