BRAC Administration Building, Randolph AFB, TX

BRAC Adminstration Building #667

Construction Cost: $9.8 million
Size: 34,000 GSF
Services:  Commissioning Agent for Commissioning in compliance with LEED EA Pre-requisite 1 and EA Credit 3.

This project was a Design / Build effort to construct a 34,000 GSF addition to an existing office building creating a new administrative center at Randolph Air Force Base. The project achieved LEED Gold Certification.

U.S. Treasury Building, Austin, TX

U.S. Treasury Building

Client: GSA, United States Federal Government
Total Construction Cost: $18.1 Million
Project Savings Realized:  $1.35 Million
Services: MEP System Commissioning

Jasmine Engineering was able to work with the GSA on a number of projects, but none quite as dynamic as the U.S. Treasury Building in Austin, TX. The building was in need of drastic renovations, particularly of its check processing system. The services required the commissioning of a check processing system (FMS) that could never be down for maintenance or any other reason and had to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The development of this dynamic system included proper cooling and HVAC systems, along with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and maintenance, HEPA filters, and backup generators. The project was delivered on time and within budget, and the project was utilized by GSA as the standard going forward. This facility was used as a prototype for two other FMS check processing facilities in other geographical regions.

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