County Projects

Laddie Place III RSWF (SA-2), San Antonio, TX

Bexar County Flood Control - Laddie Place
Bexar County Flood Control
Construction Cost: $7.04 million
Size: 26-Acre Site
Services: Construction Inspection

Laddie Place III is the third component of a three part multi-million dollar flood control project located in the northwest part of San Antonio. Jasmine Engineering is providing construction phase inspection services as a representative of the Bexar County Flood Control Program. Our scope involves full time, on-site construction inspection to monitor compliance of the general contractor and sub-contractors with the plan and specifications.


San Pedro-Huisache (SA-22), Phases II & III, San Antonio, TX

Bexar County Flood Control - San Pedro-Huisache

Owner: Bexar County Flood Control
Construction Cost: Phase II: $10,222,642.00; Phase III: $1,210,377.00
Services: Construction Inspection

The San Pedro-Huisache project is a large and critical project to improve the drainage and control flooding along San Pedro Avenue and adjacent residential streets in the Monte Vista and Alta Vista historic neighborhoods. Jasmine Engineering provided Construction Phase Inspection Services for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of this project as a representative of Bexar County Flood Control Program. Scope involved full-time on-site Construction Inspection to monitor compliance of the General Contractor and sub-contractors with Plans and Specifications. Specific services included Filed Inspections, Daily Reporting, Coordination of Traffic Safety Requirements, Coordination of Materials Testing, Coordination of Inspections by Regulatory Agencies, Review of Submittals, Review RFI’s, ASI’s, and Payment Applications, and Monthly Status Reports.


Paul Elizondo Tower, Bexar County
Justice Center Expansion, San Antonio, TX

Paul Elizondo Tower Justice Center Expansion

Owner: Bexar County
Construction Cost: $65 million
Size: 215,000 GSF
Services: Commissioning Agent for Commissioning in compliance with LEED EA pre-requisite 1 & EA Credit 3 (Enhanced Commissioning)

This project is an 11-story tower addition for the expansion of the Bexar County Justice Center. The expansion accommodates over 600 employees and 1900 daily visitors. Jasmine Engineering provided LEED Enhanced Commissioning services for this county administrative facility as a consultant to Jacobs Engineering.  In April 2012, the Paul Elizondo Tower was presented with its LEED Silver certification plaque, and is Bexar County’s first green certified building.


Comal Street Adult Detention Center, Phase I & II,
San Antonio, TX

Comal Street Adult Detention Center

Owner: Bexar County
Construction Cost:
$21.43 million
Size: 93,000 GSF
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering
Savings Created Through Jasmine Engineering Services: $3.9 million

The Bexar County Adult Detention Facility is used to house medium security offenders and work release programs. The Facility includes secured detention and holding areas and general public use areas. Jasmine Engineering provided design engineering services for this Bexar County Renovation project.

Systems designed and commissioned included: Primary and Secondary Electrical Power Distribution; Interior and Exterior Lighting; Fire Alarm, Fire Safety, PA System, Security System, CCTV System, and Emergency Power System.


Southton Road Juvenile Detention Center, San Antonio, TX

Bexar County

Owner: Bexar County
Construction Cost: 
$13.8 million
Size: 130,000 GSF
Services: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering
Savings Created Through Jasmine Engineering Services: $314,000

New Construction of County/Criminal Justice Juvenile Detention Facility used by Bexar County for correctional facility housing for at-risk youth.  Facility includes secure holding and detention areas, residential spaces, food service/dining, general administrative, meeting and recreational areas. 

Jasmine Engineering designed and commissioned the HVAC Central Chilled Water/Hot Water with VAV; Electrical Power Distribution; Interior and Exterior Lighting; Plumbing; Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Data and Telecommunications.


University Health System Projects, San Antonio, TX

University Hospital

Owner: Bexar County / University Health Care System
Construction Cost: $10.33 million
Size: 50,000 GSF
Services: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Commissioning, Value Engineering & Project Management
Savings Created Through Jasmine Engineering Services: $845,000

Jasmine Engineering has worked on a number of significant projects under taken by the University Health System since the late 1980s. All projects were accomplished on time and within established construction budgets, no Errors & Omissions Change Orders. These projects include the following:

  • 2nd Floor Fluoroscopy & Lithotripsy Rooms Renovation
  • University Hospital 9th Floor Renovation
  • 6th Floor Renovation
  • University Hospital Diagnostic Center Finish-Out
  • University Hospital Pathology Laboratory Renovation
  • University Hospital MRI Facility
  • New Data Center Phase I Commissioning  & Project Management (Office Area for new Tier 3 Data Center)

With the exception of the Data Center project, the circumstances of these projects required that construction be accomplished without interfering with continuous operation of the hospital.


Center for Health Care Services, Drexel & Josephine Roofing Projects, San Antonio, TX

Center for Health Care Services

Owner: Bexar County/University Health Care System
Construction Cost: $500,000
Services: Project Management
Savings Created Through Jasmine Engineering: $53,000

Project Management Services were provided by Jasmine Engineering for the re-roofing of two facilities operated by The Center for Health Care Services of Bexar County, TX. Services involved management of the fast-tracked installation of new roofs for both facilities to meet grant funding requirements, while all facility operations continued simultaneously with the construction at both locations. Services were provided for both re-roofing and associated HVAC system retrofit. Construction Phase Project Management services included Bid Negotiation with contractors, Value Engineering, Constructability Review, Functional Testing, Project Start-Up, Performance Testing, & Project Close-Out. These projects were completed on time and under budget, allowing grant funding to stay in place. 


More County Projects

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